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Harvard Medical School has a New CME Website with Updated Courses!

This website has been retired. Please visit HMS Global Academy and create a new account for all your CME needs. We are currently offering over 30 accredited courses and more are being added each month.

Some of the more popular courses from the original CME Online website will be added to our new platform throughout 2018, so bookmark the page and check back often!

You can also browse the full HMS CME catalog here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my CME Online account move over to HMS Global Academy?
A: No. CME Online has been shut down. Learners will create new accounts on HMS Global Academy.

Q: Where can I get copies of my old certificates?
A: Search the email account you used to register for CME Online for email from cme_online@hms.harvard.edu. If you have not
    deleted them, any certificates we emailed to you will still be there. If you need us to provide a copy, there will be a 30-day wait

Q: Why was this change necessary?
A: CME Online was created in 2003, and is no longer being supported by our IT department, creating a frustrating experience for
    some users. HMS Global Academy is more robust, modern, and fully supported CME website.

Q: Will the courses look the same?
A: Our new courses are more dynamic and interactive. Many offer short video lessons with additional resources in addition to
    assessment questions.

Q: Is global pricing available?
A: HMS Global Academy does not support global pricing, but we are working with the website host to provide alternative solutions.

Q: Can I try out the new website for free?
A: There are three free courses on HMS Global Academy in opioid use disorder education. Signing up for these courses is a good way
    to try out the website at no cost.

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